Theres an App for That Free Apps that Help You Fall into Home Maintenance

The Donovan Home Team is not just interested in helping you buy and sell your home, but we want to ensure your happiness as well!  Part of a happy homeowner is caring for what is probably the biggest purchase of your life- your house!

Fall is here and winter is around the corner!  That means its time to start winterizing your house.  Home maintenance can be daunting sometimes- what needs to be done?  When does it need to be done?  How often?  Do I need to hire someone or can I do it myself?  If I need to hire someone, who do I call?

There seems to be an app for everything these days!  The Donovan Home Team recently checked out apps that we thought would help our clients stay on top of home maintenance. After reviewing a few options, the two apps we are pleased to recommend are  Home Savvy and BrighNest.  Both are free apps available for your Iphone or Android.


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