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Benjamin Moore Linen White
Benjamin Moore Linen White
Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

You’ve probably heard it said a million times, but a fresh coat of paint is one of the best updates you can make whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply give your space a refresh. However, picking the right color can be dizzying especially when you’re sorting through a thousand shades of beige!

It’s always best to test paint on your own walls because things like natural light and furniture do affect the way a color looks in your particular space, but there are a few colors that seem especially forgiving and easy to work with.

For small spaces or spaces with little to no natural light--think powder rooms, basements, etc.--Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is hard to beat. It looks fabulous in rooms flooded with light, but it manages to look fresh and spa-like even in spaces without this enviable feature. It also looks good with virtually any woodtone, making it a good choice for rooms that house a variety of wood finishes.

Benjamin Moore Linen White is another easy neutral, ideal for both bright rooms and those with less natural light. Whereas a bright white in a dimly lit room can look dingy and chilly, the warm undertones of Linen White can make even a windowless basement warm and inviting.

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice is probably the most aptly named shade of paint I’ve come across. It’s a very light taupey greige that looks great with bright white trim. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a single color other than white to paint an entire home.

For the gray craze that’s been sweeping the design world for the last few years Agreeable gray and Benjamin Moore Gray Owl are two enduring favorites. They are both true grays that don’t veer too chilly, making them livable and inviting.

In terms of finish, go as flat as possible within reason. Flat and matte finishes mask imperfections and make up for a multitude of previous painting mistakes, whereas the glare on glossy paints highlights them.


Written by: Leah Moss


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