For Sale By Owner Dont Sell Your Most Expensive Asset on Your Own

The Donovan Home Team talks to people each week that are attempting to sell their homes without a licensed Real Estate Professional in an effort to save money on the commission. Most of the time you will still need to pay agent that represents the buyers, so what are you really saving, 2.5-3%?  While you may save this money on commission, you may loose it on negotiations. Negotiating the price, negotiating the seller credit, negotiating home inspection items or the appraisal if it doesn’t come back at sale price… Why not hire a Realtor and get top dollar for your home AND save money on the home inspection, appraisal, etc.?

Consider this, The National Association of Realtors says, “Homes sold with the help of a real estate professional have a median sales price 27% higher than those sold FSBO.”  We are not making this up- this is for real!

Then there is all the marketing that needs to be done to present the home in the best light possible. In this online world where over 90% of buyers start their search online, professional photos of your house are a must! Let’s not forget all the paperwork you need to keep track of, contingencies, communication with the lender and title company, and so much more.

Still think you could/should sell your most expensive asset on your own? Give us a call and Team Leader/Listing Specialist Ryan Donovan will answer any of your questions, including how we can get your house sold for less time and more money than you would on your own!

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