6 Spring Cleaning Tips from the DHT

Here at the DHT, we don’t just believe in helping you buy or sell a home, and then our job is done. We want to make sure you are happy in your new home and we want to be a resource for you so we can assist you in maintaining this most expensive purchase!

Although we are still covered in snow, spring is around the corner and our clocks spring forward this weekend! The excitement is building, and most probably, so has the dirt around your house. Its time for spring cleaning! Here are a few tips to help you maintain your investment:

1.  HVAC: Now is a great time of year to have a technician come out and clean the system. Not only will it help it run more efficiently, but it will save you money in the long run and help ensure that your unit is working properly so it doesn’t conk out on you in the middle of the hot summer. Changing the filter is CRUCIAL! IT really helps the performance of your system. My HVAC expert recommends monthly using really cheap filters found at Home Depot.

2.  Clean the Gutters! Leaf and tree debris= problems

3.  Pressure Washing: Spring is a great time to do some pressure washing. You can pressure wash the siding, decks, walk ways, patios, garage doors, fences, and lawn furniture. You can rent a pressure washer or hire a company to do it.

4.  Wash the Windows: Don’t forget to wipe down the sills and window tracks.

5.  Clean the Chimney: Do it now instead of waiting until fall when everyone decides its starting to get cold and they need it cleaned. Consider inserting a fireplace draft starter for greater energy efficiency.

6.  Prepare for Mowing the Grass: If you are going to be mowing yourself, make sure the machine works and that the blades are sharp enough. If you are hiring someone, have you confirmed they are available?

 Don’t forget, if you need a recommendation on a vendor etc., we'd be more than happy to help.  We have great recommendations on chimney services, HVAC’s and more!  Ask us today!


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