5 Reasons Why You May NOT Want to Wait to Buy Your First Home

1. Interest Rates are still at Historic Lows!
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2. You Don’t Need 20 % Down
“Did you know 40 percent of today's homebuyers using mortgage financing are making down payments that are less than 10 percent? And how about this: since 2010, the number of people putting down less than 10 percent for conventional loans has grown three fold. So, not only are low down payment options real, they represent a significant portion of today's purchases.”- Freddie Mac Blog Post

3. You CAN Afford to Hire a Real Estate Agent
It’s FREE to you, the buyer. The commission for the buyer’s agent comes from the seller. A skilled buyer agent is an indispensable negotiator for you when it comes to everything from selling price, crafting a competitive offer, negotiating home inspection issues, and getting you to settlement smoothly. A great Agent can save you thousands.

4. Home Prices are Low
The National Association of Realtor's housing affordability index says that houses are 37% more affordable today than they've been over an average of the past 33 years. Across the US, home prices are still 17% below their peak in 2006.
5. Stop Making Your Land Lord Rich
Pay down your own mortgage instead of your landlord’s while enjoying the tax benefits of mortgage interest and tax deductions. Make your money work for you, not someone else!

Not sure where to start? Not sure where you want to live? Not sure if you can afford to buy? Need an expert you can trust to guide you through the biggest purchase of your life? Look no further- the Donovan Home Team can help! Contact us at homes@donovanteam.com or 703-636-3590 for your FREE no obligation buyer consultation.


DHT First Time Home Buyers Melissa and Ryan with the keys to their new home.


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